Dienstag, 27. Oktober 2015

Festival Music Unlimited 29 "charhizmatic music" Curated by Christof Kurzmann Invitation en.

dear friends,

in 2 weeks it will start. i will have the big honor to curate the 29th edition of the festival "music unlimited wels" and i would like to invite you.

it was a lot of work, intellectually as well as physically, and now i hope it will be a success, which it would be even more and more special so, if many of you would take part.
so please, think it over and in case you need further information, write to me.

for now attached the flyer and some links.

all the best,
see you soon (?),
christof kurzmann

the link for the event:

the link for the festival booklet:

for the hesitant and those in need of further information, the link to 3 hours about the Festival Music Unlimited 29 and it´s curator on Austrian Radio: "Zeitton Extended", aired on 23.10.2015 (online till 30.10.):

and here the current flyer::

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