Donnerstag, 22. April 2010

concert with Toto Alvarez, Zelmar Garín and Leonel Kaplan

25 de Abril . en el Archibrazo ; mario bravo 437 , Bs As
20 Hrs , coste $ 15

Leonel Kaplan / trompeta

- Zelmar Garín / basura sideral

- Toto Alvarez / guitarra

Christof Kurzmann / lloopp, ...

Donnerstag, 15. April 2010

charhizma night en bs as 5

Toto Alvarez & Zelmar Garin (AR/CL)
Manrico Montero Calzadiaz (MEX)
Federico Barabino (AR)
El Otro Tango (Adriana De Los Santos & Eliseo Tapia - AR)
& invitado: Christof Kurzmann (A)

Toto Alvarez:
Guitar anti-player,Improviser , composer , photographer audio performances , song writting with friends electromagnetic fields , sound walk , radio interventions coffe and simple life near the mountain and the aconcagua river.

Zelmar Garin:
MÚsicO y pRoducToR// Nació en Buenos Aires el 21 de diciembre de 1976. Vive en Atalaya//buenos aires//Argentina

Manrico Montero Calzadiaz
is a Sound Artist specialized in Nature Recording, Soundscape Composition, Phonography and Bioacoustics, focusing on Sound Ornithology, and more specifically studying the Aquatic Birds (Waterbirds) and their ecosystems, working mostly on Wetlands. Manrico Montero has made important sound registers of almost 100 Wetlands of all Latinamerica, from the Maya land in Yucatán, México, to the High-Andean environments and Saltflats of Southamerica. Manrico writes theory about Phenomenology of Soundscape and Philosophy of Nature, and he makes Sound Installations and Site Specific Projects too.

Federico Barabino
nowadays is working with electric guitar and mixer in feedback. The counterpoint of this two instruments make a very interesting sound to work on. Feeling the sound, improvizing live music, listening deeply to each moment of sound.

El Otro Tango:
Eliseo Tapia is the creator and director of El Otro Tango (EOT). A proyect open to all the ¨new voices in the tango scene¨. In the First Chapter EOT is composed of a duet with Eliseo Tapia in Bandoneon and Processed Guitar together with virtuoso pianist Adriana de los Santos. In the pieces they perform they combine elements of minimalism and contemporary music with tango and experimental music gestures. In the Second Chapter EOT is composed of the same duet with guest in free live improvisation.
Members of both EOT have performed in the most important concert halls in BA, Teatro Colón Teatro Alvear, Teatro AVenida Margarita Xirgu, Salon Dorado del Teatro Colón, Centro Cultral Borges, CC Recoleta, CC Rojas, Teatro San Martin, Teatro Cervantes, and more...

Christof Kurzmann
born in vienna/austria, presently lives in buenos aires. musician between electropop, improvisation and "new music".

Toto Alvarez

Zelmar Garin

Manrico Montero Calzadiaz

Federico Barabino

El Otro Tango
(Adriana de los Santos & Eliseo Tapia)

Christof Kurzmann

Dienstag, 13. April 2010

Freitag, 2. April 2010

concert with George Cremaschi and Leonel Kaplan

george cremschi: bass, electronics;
leonel kaplan: trumpet;
christof kurzmann: lloopp, ...