Sonntag, 1. März 2009


March 2009

hi everybody!

feliz ano nuevo / happy new year / frohes neues Jahr / ...

this is my first newsletter, which from now on will appear more or less regularly.

i'm currently in latin america, where i will stay utill the end of march, performing, teaching, meeting people and of course vacationing. the end of 2008 has finally been quite busy playing with a berlin based improvisers pool in "enjoy festival" mainz/germany, with the chris burn ensemble in the french festival "densités" in fresnes-en-woëvre, with "the magic i.d." in graz/austria, with my new project "el infierno musical" in the festival "music unlimited" in wels/austria and with "hammeriver" in berlin.

since being in latin america (12.12.2008) i´ve played lots of concerts from solo to ensemble with alan courtis, george cremaschi, jaime genovart, leonel kaplan, fernando perales, pablo reche in buenos aires/argentina, taken part in the 17th edition of the "festival musica livre" in florianopolis/brazil, recorded a duo with brazilian noise musician gustavo serpa from the band "abesta" and played a few concerts in valparaiso and santiago (both chile) with eden carrasco, nicolas carrasco, toto alvarez, and "la kut", held a week-long workshop for improvised music in "campus oriente" of the university of santiago de chile as well as in the fundacion telefonica in lima/peru, where i also have performed a duo with japanese violinist pauchi sasaki.

a few days ago i have organized the first "charhizma night" in una casa, buenos aires/argentina. which happened to be quite successful.

still upcoming are concerts in cordoba, la plata, a cd presentation (see below) and a concert with dog (tatsuya nakatani and leonel kaplan).

so a lot of things going on here in latin america, more or less invisible to the "western world".

have a good time whereever you are.
all the best,
christof kurzmann

and here is an update on my CURRENT PROJECTS

b. fleischmann & c. kurzmann
b. just finished his new record "angst is not a weltanschauung" on morr music (produced by c.k.) and is touring europe.
on some occasions with me as guest vocalist and on saxophone.
concerts: 28.04.2009 orf-radiokulturhaus, wien/austria, 29.05.2009 charhizma-night@forum stadtpark, graz/austria

anla curtis, pablo reche, jaime genovart & c.k.
out now: new cd on mikroton (ru)
"palmar zähler" (mikroton cd 2)
cd presentation in buenos aires 1x.03.2009

el infierno musical (ken vandermark, eva reiter, clayton thomas, martin brandlmayr & c.k.)
after our first appearance in the festival music unlimited in wels/austria, i´m busy with composing more material based on the fascinating poems of alejandra pizarnik.
recording sessions are planned for the end of 2009.
concerts: from 01.12.2009 - 07.12.2009 (07.12. konzerthaus wien/austria)
homeless dogs (eden carrasco, nicolas carrasco & c.k.)
editing their recording of concerts in santiago/chile.
looking for a label to release their debut-cd.


the magic i.d. (margareth kammerer, kai fagaschinski, michael thieke & c.k.)
concerts: 05.05.2009: vooruit, ghent/belgium, 06.05.2009: tba, 07.05.2009: extrapool, nijmegen/netherlands, 08.05.2009: westwerk, hamburg/germany

my kingdom for a lullaby (michaela grill, billy roisz, martin siewert & c.k.)
soon out on DVD: "send + receive box set" anniversary compilation - (contains a performance of "my kingdom for a lullaby" at the festival in winipeg/canada)

schnee (burkhard stangl & c.k.)
01.04.2009: new cd out on erstpop (usa): "Neuschnee" (Erstpop002)
cd presentation in vienna at the end of april.
concerts: 4. - 6.06.2009 icc, kosice, slovakia.
looking for more gigs in slovakia and neighbouring countries.

the violet quartet (werner dafeldecker, john tilbury, stevie wishart & c.k.)
finished editing and mastering of recordings from concerts in vienna, wels and ghent.
looking for a label top release the full length cd.

and here is an update on my CURRENT ACTIVITIES | March 2009

date/time event location details
fri 06.03.2009 christof kurzmann solo centro de arte contemporaneo chateau carreras / cordoba christof kurzmann: lloopp
sat 07.03.2009 christof kurzmann solo villa carlos paz / villa carlos paz christof kurzmann: lloopp
sat 21.03.2009 dog (kaplan/nakatani) +
c. kurzmann una casa / buenos aires leonel kaplan: tp, tatsuya nakatani: perc, christof kurzmann: lloopp
tue 28.04.2009 b.fleischmann & m.jagsch, sweet w.van ghost, c.k. radiokulturhaus / wien