Montag, 1. Juni 2009


June 2009

hi everybody!

happy to announce the release of 2 new cds.
schnee: neuschnee on erstpop (usa) and
courtis/genovart/kurzmann/reche: palmar zähler on mikroton recordings (ru) schnee just presented their new album a week ago in vienna with guests michaela grill, mike cooper, michael thieke, luca venitucci and dj bernhard fleischmann & hergo. the next day thieke, venitucci, cooper, fleischmann and me went to graz (forum stadtpark), where we met george cremaschi and liz albee to present our music in a "charhizma-label-night". this week schnee is invited to present their music in a festival in kosice/slovakia, then i head back to berlin to work on a radioplay (Juli by Iwan Vyrypajev) with anouschka trocker.
thats it for now, have a good time, where ever you are,
all the best,

christof kurzmann

and here is an update on my CURRENT PROJECTS


anla curtis, pablo reche, jaime genovart & c.k.
out now: new cd on mikroton (ru)
"palmar zähler" (mikroton cd 2)
cd presentation in buenos aires, december.2009

el infierno musical (ken vandermark, eva reiter, clayton thomas, martin brandlmayr & c.k.)
after our first appearance in the festival music unlimited in wels/austria, i´m busy with composing more material based on the fascinating poems of alejandra pizarnik.
recording sessions are planned for the end of 2009.
concerts: from 03.12.2009 - 07.12.2009. (still looking for a gig on 06.12.2009)

homeless dogs (eden carrasco, nicolas carrasco & c.k.)
editing their recording of concerts in santiago/chile.
looking for a label to release their debut-cd.
concerts: from end of 2009 in latin america.


my kingdom for a lullaby (michaela grill, billy roisz, martin siewert & c.k.)
soon out on DVD: "send + receive box set" anniversary compilation - (contains a performance of "my kingdom for a lullaby" at the festival in winipeg/canada)

schnee (burkhard stangl & c.k.)
01.04.2009: new cd out on erstpop (usa): "Neuschnee" (Erstpop002)
concerts: 5.06.2009 icc, kosice, slovakia. planned tour to russia end of the year.
looking for more gigs in slovakia and neighbouring countries in fall/winter 2009.


the violet quartet (werner dafeldecker, john tilbury, stevie wishart & c.k.)
finished editing and mastering of recordings from concerts in vienna and wels.
looking for a label top release the full length cd.