Sonntag, 7. November 2010

charhizma night en bs as special "3 Parejas"

Alma Laprida & Javier Areal Velez (ar)

Tatiana Heumann & Luciano Vitale (ar)

Mio Chareteau & Alexandre Babel (jap/ch)

Coming from a musical and contemporary dance background, Mio Chareteau produces performances on the border between performing arts and visual arts. The percussionnist Alexandre Babel works in the fields of contemporary music, improvisation and experimental music.

Their collaboration creates a meeting point between their practices, in which they elaborate a new language free from any dance or music stereotypes.

Mio Chareteau
Mio Chareteau’s performances deal with elements from both contemporary western and traditional japanese culture and propose a reflection on the concept of ritual, transmission and memorial images. She develops solo works, whilst also pursuing collaborations with artists from other disciplines.
Mio Chareteau graduated at Geneva University of Art and Design, Master of Arts in Contemporary Artistic Practices.

Alexandre Babel

Born and raised in Geneva, studied in Geneva and New York. Active as a drummer and percussionnist in various contemporary projects/contexts including modern classical, free improv and others. Member of the KNM- Kammerensemble Neuemusik Berlin and CIP (Centre International de Percussion). Current projects with ButtercupMetalPolish (percussion duo with Nicolas Field). He has worked a.o. with the ensemble Musikfabrik, Berliner Ensemble, Fritz Hauser, Synergy Percussion Group, ensemble written-not-written, Steven Schick, Jean Geoffroy, Anna Viebrock, Jacques Demierre, ...

mas ...

Mio Chareteau & Alexandre Babel
Tatiana Heumann & Luciano Vitale
Alma Laprida & Javier Areal Velez

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