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may, 2010

hi everybody!

a little late ... but here it is!

as we are approaching the end of the month already, its unfortunately soon time to say good bye to latin america. i had a great time here since december and all i can tell you is that ill be back soon.

besides playing some really great shows with Nicole Bindler (here is a little text she wrote) George Cremaschi and Leonel Kaplan (here a little video) and performing in duo with argentine dancer/musician/visual artist Josefina Zuain, i worked in the last weeks on a theaterplay, set up by argentine choreographer Laura Valencia called "Mar De Fondo", which will be premiered in la plata end of may.

a short trip to uruguay, a charhizma night, a dj set in one my favourite bars, the 878 and some more concerts with Leonel Kaplan, Reinaldo Young, Toto Alvarez, Alan Courtis, Pablo Reche, Jaime Genovart & Edén Carrasco and i will be heading back to europe.

there i´ll have the great honor to fall right into a great festival where i will perform with some of my best friends, i havent seen in a long time: Bernhard Fleischmann, Martin Brandlmayr, Burkhard Stangl, Kai Fagaschinski, Michael Thieke & Margareth Kammerer. all this happens in the Fundacao Serralves on 5th and 7th of june and includes a lot more international and local artists.

next day i´ll be heading to canada, where i was invited to co-curate a festival of austrian and canadian music and movie together with Michaela Grill and Steve Bates. two cities - two festivals: whats up vienna/montreal (08. & 09.06) and whats up vienna/winnipeg (11. & 12.06).

after that a visit to berlin to play as part of the "9 lives" ensemble with Miya Masoaka, Asi Foecker, Clare Cooper, Monika Brooks, Clayton Thomas, Kai Fagaschinski, Okyung Lee, Burkhard Beins & Sven-Ake Johansson (18.06.)

back in vienna i will finish the editing of the "El Infierno Musical" recordings.

and then ... looking forward to the Festival "Konfrontationen Nickelsdorf 2010" where i will perform in Michael Thiekes "Guy Maddin Project" with Martin Siewert and Martin Brandlmayr as well in a Trio with Brandlmayr and Ken Vandermark. (16. & 17.07.).

have a good time where ever you are.
all the best,
christof kurzmann

and here is an update on my CURRENT PROJECTS

anla curtis, pablo reche, jaime genovart & c.k.
concert end of may, buenos aires

boiled frogs (michaela grill & ck)
working on a dvd in summer 2010
concerts in winnipeg and montreal

el infierno musical (ken vandermark, eva reiter, clayton thomas, martin brandlmayr & c.k.)
editing the final mix of the december ´09 recordings

the magic i.d. (margareth kammerer, kai fagaschinski, michael thieke & c.k.)
concert: beginning of june in portugal, september in europe

hammeriver (clare cooper, tobias delius, chris abrahams, werner dafeldecker, clayton thomas, tony buck)
cd out before summer on mikroton.
concert: september in berlin

edén carrasco & ck duo
editing recordings made in march in chile

upcoming CD release:

oblique & ck on umlaut records

and here is an update on my upcoming CONCERTS

palmar zähler - courtis, genovart, kurzmann, r... el archibrazo Thu. may 27 2010 buenos aires / argentina
dj christof kurzmann 878 Fri. may 28 2010 capital federal - buenos aires / argentina
charhizma night in buenos aires 6 una casa Sat. may 29 2010 buenos aires / argentina
carrasco / kaplan / kurzmann / valencia / young ??? Sun. may 30 2010 buenos aires / argentina
brandlmayr, fagschinski, fleischmann, heather, ... serralves museum of contemp... Sat. june 05 2010 porto / portugal
brandlmayr, fagaschinski, fleischmann, heather,... serralves museum of contemp... Sun. june 06 2010 porto / portugal
what's up vienna/what's up montreal la sala rossa Tue. june 08 2010 montreal / canada
what's up vienna/what's up montreal la sala rossa Wed. june 09 2010 montreal / canada
what's up vienna/what's up winnipeg west end cultural center Fri. june 11 2010 winnipeg / canada
what's up vienna/what's up winnipeg urban shaman gallery Sat. june 12 2010 winnipeg / canada
nine lives volume iv: (plus 1) ausland Fri. june 18 2010 berlin / germany
konfrontationen 2010 jazzgalerie Fri. july 16 2010 nickelsdorf / austria
konfrontationen 2010 jazzgalerie Sat. july 17 2010 nickelsdorf / austria
hammeriver (delius/cooper/kurzmann/thomas/dafel... villa elisabeth Fri. sep. 17 2010 berlin / germany
christof kurzmann & friends festsaal kreuzberg Thu. sep. 23 2010 berlin / germany
the magic i.d.(kurzmann/kammerer/fagaschinski/t... villa elisabeth Fri. sep. 24 2010 berlin / germany

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