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November 2009

hi everybody!

long time no newsletter ... so, here it is!

in the past months i was working more in the studio, than playing live.

finally out - the new cd on mikroton: "The Violet Quartet" (with werner dafeldecker, john tilbury and stevie wishart).

out as well - a concert recording of My Kingdom For A Lullaby as part of the Send & Receive Anniversary Box Set.

i sang on tracks for kammerflimmer kollektief and paul baran and produced a radio play called "Börsenkrach" about past and current financial crisis at worm studio rotterdam. it was premiered the 25th of october, the 90th anniversary of black thursday/friday, at radio VPRO in the netherlands and will be released next year on cd.

recorded 3 tracks for the anniversary sampler (with Schnee, "The Magic I.D. and with Fernando Perales/ Toto Alvarez/ Gustavo Serpa)

apart from some concerts in argentina, and some with Schnee, Hammeriver and Obliq, i worked on new tracks for "The Magic I.D.", which amongst others, were recorded 2 weeks ago at Amann Studios in vienna and on new pieces for "El Infierno Musical", which will be recorded same place beginning of December, before, while and after playing some concerts in austria (see below).

this weekend has a concert with Schnee, The Magic I.D. and with a special project "Songs Robert sang" with Clayton Thomas and as guests Seby Ciurcina and Fernanda Farrah.

in december my way is one more time to argentina, where i will stay for quite some time.

have a good time where ever you are.
all the best,
christof kurzmann

and here is an update on my CURRENT PROJECTS

the violet quartet (werner dafeldecker, john tilbury, stevie wishart & c.k.)
out now: new cd on mikroton (ru)
"Werner Dafeldecker / Christof Kurzmann / John Tilbury / Stevie Wishart" (mikroton cd 4)

el infierno musical (ken vandermark, eva reiter, clayton thomas, martin brandlmayr & c.k.)

playing some more concerts with more material based on the fascinating poems of alejandra pizarnik. recording a cd in december.

concerts: 03.12. salzburg jazzit, 05.12. alter schlachthof wels, 06.12. konzerthaus wien/austria

homeless dogs (eden carrasco, nicolas carrasco & c.k.)
editing their recording of concerts in santiago/chile.
looking for a label to release their debut-cd.
concerts: from beginning of 2010 in latin america.

the magic i.d. (margareth kammerer, kai fagaschinski, michael thieke & c.k.)
recorded new songs.

concerts: 2 concerts upcoming, in berlin and rome.

my kingdom for a lullaby (michaela grill, billy roisz, martin siewert & c.k.)
out on DVD: "send + receive box set" anniversary compilation - (contains a performance of "my kingdom for a lullaby" at the festival in winipeg/canada)

schnee (burkhard stangl & c.k.)
01.04.2009: new cd out on erstpop (usa): "Neuschnee" (Erstpop002) .
concerts: at festival "wien modern".


hammeriver (clare cooper, tobias delius, chris abrahams, werner dafeldecker, clayton thomas, tony buck & ck)

coming up: 1st release on mikroton/russia

and here is an update on my UPCOMING CONCERTS

Sat Nov 21 Gartenbaukino (with Schnee) Wien, Wien 1010
Sun Nov 22 Ausland (with The Magic I.D.) Berlin, Berlin 10435
Mon Nov 23 Labor Sonor@Kule (with Clayton Thomas) Berlin, Berlin 10119
Thu Dec 03 JazzIt Salzburg (El Infierno Musical with Vandermark, Reiter, Thomas and Brandlmayr) Salzburg, Salzburg 5020
Sat Dec 05 Alter Schlachthof Wels (El Infierno Musical with Vandermark, Reiter, Thomas and Brandlmayr) Wels, Oberösterreich
Sun Dec 06 Neuer Saal Konzerthaus Wien (El Infierno Musical with Vandermark, Reiter, Thomas and Brandlmayr) Wien, Wien 1030
Tue Dec 08 Blue Tomato Wien (Christof Kurzmann & Friends ...t.b.a) Wien Wien 1150
Wed Dec 09 Blue Tomato Wien (Christof Kurzmann & Friends ...t.b.a) Wien Wien 1150
Mon Dec 14 Auditorium Parco De La Musica (with The Magic I.D.) Rome, Roma
Wed Jan 06 Teatro El Victorial (with Fred Frith) Capital Federal, Buenos Aires

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