Dienstag, 2. November 2010


hi everybody!

writing a blog for me is sometimes is like answering emails.
first you have no time to do it
and then again, you´ve got time, but ...

so here ... after quite a while ... the newsletter again!

summer in europe was great.
starting with the incredible "serralves em festa" in porto/potugal (see a short video below) and a trio gig with ken vandermark and martin brandlmayr at konfrotationen nickelsdorf - watch here. i had some time off in vienna before leaving for the "echtzeitmusiktage 2010" in berlin, where i played with hammeriver, the magic i.d. and a solo with many guests (martin brandlmayr, kai fagaschinski, fernanda farah, sofia jernberg, margareth kammerer, ignaz schick, michael thieke & clayton thomas).
one other highlight of this summer was of course a festival i organized together with michaela grill and steve bates in canada. "What’s Up Vienna! What’s Up Montreal/Winnipeg!" in montreal and winnipeg. since a month we are working on realizing the austrian edition of it, which will take place in vienna in june 2011.

now, back in argentina since short time, i had a performance with argentine dancer josefina zuain and a trio concert with leonel kaplan and edén carrasco.

next week im off to the u.s., where i will perform with james falzone as part of the umbrella music festival in chicago and later, in new york with marina rosenfeld and lucky dragons at marian spore.

back in buenos aires i will organize a charhizma night with alexandre babel, mio chareteau and others and play a duo with chilean guitarist toto alvaréz and another one with argentine pianist fabiana galante before heading to chile to take part in the "festival tsonami 2010" with leonel kaplan, edén carrasco and nicolás carrasco.

end of november will see another charhizma night in buenos aires, before we will premiere my duo with ken vandermark in december in florianopolis / brazil.

have a good time where ever you are.
all the best,
christof kurzmann

and here is an update on my CURRENT PROJECTS

boiled frogs (michaela grill & ck)
working on "What's Up Vienna! What's Up Montreal!" edition in vienna 2011 and on a performance for next summer.


el infierno musical (ken vandermark, eva reiter, clayton thomas, martin brandlmayr & c.k.)
record finished. to be release in 2011

the magic i.d. (margareth kammerer, kai fagaschinski, michael thieke & c.k.)
concert: beginning of june in portugal, september in europe

edén carrasco & ck duo
editing recordings made in march in chile

recent CD release:

hammeriver (clare cooper, tobias delius, chris abrahams, werner dafeldecker, clayton thomas, tony buck)

umlaut records
oblique & ck (to be released very end october)

christof kurzmann: "börsenkrach"

honduras liberogrupo
honduras: "célula dormida"
(ck is guest vocalist on 2 tracks)

and here is an update on my UPCOMING CONCERTS:

james falzone & ck claudia cassidy theatre Thu. nov. 04 chicago marina rosenfeld / ck & lucky dragons marian spore Mon. nov. 08 new york
toto alvarez & ck una casa Thu. nov. 18 buenos aires fabiana galante / ck domus artis Sat. nov. 20 buenos aires
edén carrasco / leonel kaplan / ck observatorio Wed. nov. 24 santiago
edén carrasco / leonel kaplan / ck festival tsonami Thu. nov. 25 valparaiso nicolás carrasco / leonel kaplan / ck universidad academia Fri. nov. 26 santiago

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