Samstag, 6. März 2010


March 2010

hi everybody!

after 2 1/2 months in latin america, this is the second newsletter in 2010, that reaches you from buenos aires.

three charhizma nights and a concert with Fred Frith later, i'm still planing on staying here for quite a while.

playing with us american dancer Nicole Bindler and argentine trumpeter Leonel Kaplan next week, i will go on to chile to record an album together with great chilean saxophone player Edén Carrasco. some time in the studio and a live concert should gather enough material, to do so.

when returning to buenos aires, there will be some more concerts with Leonel Kaplan. one more with Nicole Bindler and in april we look forward to play three concerts together with George Cremaschi (bass, electronics).

so far the charhizma nights have been very well attended (unfortunately Lawrence English and Werner Dafeldecker couldn't make it to the last one, being in argentina, but caught by heavy weather in the antarctic). the next one will take place the 27th of march and then on 24th of april.

me, i'm focused right now on a theater play, set up by argentine choreographer Laura Valencia called "Mar De Fondo", which will be premiered in Teatro Martin Fierro en la plata end of april and on setting up workshops in latin america.

have a good time where ever you are.
all the best,
christof kurzmann

and here is an update on my CURRENT PROJECTS

anla curtis, pablo reche, jaime genovart & c.k.
concert(s) in buenos aires april or may

el infierno musical (ken vandermark, eva reiter, clayton thomas, martin brandlmayr & c.k.)
editing the final mix of the december ´09 recordings
concerts: on tour in europe from 09.11.2020 - 17.11.2010.

the magic i.d. (margareth kammerer, kai fagaschinski, michael thieke & c.k.)
about to release the second album.
concert: june in portugal

hammeriver (clare cooper, tobias delius, chris abrahams, werner dafeldecker, clayton thomas, tony buck)
cd out before summer on mikroton.

recent CD release:

mikroton cd 4


mikroton cd 5 / 6


and here is an update on my UPCOMING CONCERTS

kaplan/bindler/ck sociedad odontológica Thu. mar. 11 2010 la plata

edén carrasco & ck piso 3 Sat. mar. 13 2010 santiago de chile

kaplan/bindler/ck una casa Sat. mar. 20 2010 buenos aires

charhizma night en bs as una casa Sat. mar. 27 2010 buenos aires

leonel kaplan, george cremaschi & ck. una casa Sat. apr. 10 2010 buenos aires

leonel kaplan, george cremaschi & ck galeria elsi del rio Fri. apr. 16 2010 buenos aires

leonel kaplan, george cremaschi & ck sociedad odontológica Sat. apr. 17 2010 la plata

charhizma night en bs as una casa Sat. apr. 24 2010 buenos aires

christof kurzmann & josefina zuain domus artis Sun. may 09 2010 buenos aires

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